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8.1 Understanding the Skill

Preventive Teaching addresses problems before they occur. When we look back at the first lesson in this course, we discussed the ABC’s of Behavior. Because Preventive Teaching is usually used to address problems before they occur, it is a skill you use during the Antecedent phase. All the lessons connect together and as we progress, you will see more connections between all of the skills.

While you can use Preventive Teaching to address a previous behavior issue, you can also use it to teach a new behavior in anticipation of a future event. For example, you can Role-play how your child will give a public talk or play the piano at a recital by preparing them for it using Preventive Teaching. The reason it is so effective is that it helps the child know ahead of time what is expected of them. They do not need to react, but simply act out what they have done before.

Watch the video lesson.

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