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Lesson 1: Introduction

Hello friends!

Welcome to the Smarter Parenting class.

This class will teach you behavior intervention skills that will: build your relationship, help you know what to teach, how to teach them effectively, when the best time to teach and actually implementing it all together.

These are the 5 elements that make the Teaching-Family Model so effective.

5 Elements of the Teaching-Family Model

In each lesson, we will highlight the 5 elements of the Teaching-Family Model. All are important in helping you find success with the behavior skills.

Relationship: The why

The skills we teach are relationship focused. Using skills will improve and strengthen bonds as your child comes to understand that you have their best interest at heart.

Time: The when

How much time will it take you to teach a skill to your child as it’s important to have realistic expectations.

Skills: The what

Knowing what skills to use with different behavior is empowering.

Quality components: The How

The steps of skills give you a framework for how to respond in a healthy way.

Practice: The doing

Lasting change requires time–lots of it. It’s in the practicing-aka doing-where you will see the biggest impact.

This Smarter Parenting class has eleven lessons. Ten of the lessons teach behavior skills and the final lesson puts everything together. During each lesson, you will watch a skills video, complete assignments, and take a quiz before you move on.

Each lesson contains games or activities and printable materials that will make the skills easier for your child to learn. Pick what resource works best for you and your child to learn the skill.

The 10 behavior skills you will learn are:


The ABC’s of Behavior and why children behave the way they do


Observe and Describe and removing negative emotions when dealing with behavior


Role-play and doing leads to mastery                               . . .


Effective Praise and focusing on positive behavior to change negative behavior


Correcting Behaviors and addressing negative behaviors in a healthy way


Preventive Teaching and helping your child behave in any situation


Effective Negative Consequences and finding the right motivation to reduce problems


Following Instructions and how getting your child to do what you ask reduces frustration


Effective Communication and how communicating in a healthy way strengthens relationships


Decision Making (SODAS Method) and how to teach children that decisions have consequences


Answering these questions will help you determine what goals you want to accomplish and what are the most pressing issues you’re dealing with.

  1. What are the three main issues you are having with your child? How do those issues make you feel? How would you like to feel instead?
  2. What is one thing you’d like to see improved in your child’s behavior?
  3. When was the last time you felt confident in your parenting ability and why?
  4. What is your greatest strength as a parent?
  5. List three outcomes you want from the course and why those outcomes matter to you and your family.
  6. Has your child been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder? If so, what?

You will be walked through each lesson with a progress bar showing how much of the lesson and of the entire course you have completed. With a 75% or higher on quizzes, a certificate of completion can be sent to third parties for verification.

Let’s begin! You’ve got this!