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11.2 Action Plan

Now that you have watched the video, review it again, with the printed out form, if possible.

Take some time to list some consequences you can use. Evaluate if they are severe or if they are easy for your child, based on your child’s abilities to understand and complete.

Discuss consequences with your child. (During your conversation, you may find yourself using some of the skills you have already learned: Effective Communication, Preventive Teaching, Correcting Behaviors, the ABC’s of Behavior, Following Instructions, etc.).

Set a consequence for a behavior you are working on with your child. Evaluate if the consequence meets all five components. If not, choose another consequence. If it does, establish that as the consequence for that behavior.

Establishing Effective Negative Consequences sets clear expectations for you and your child. It let’s them know what is expected and it also allows you to know how to respond.

Effective Negative Consequences a necessary skill for all parents who wish to correct their children and still maintain a positive relationship with them. The focus is on teaching, not punishing a child. It establishes the rules for respectful and meaningful communication. Like the video said, all the other skills connect to Effective Communication so be sure to spend enough time on this skill that you are comfortable with it.

Complete the quiz when you are ready to move on to the next lesson.