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10.2 Action Plan

Now that you have watched the video, think of a situation where your child made a poor choice and where he could use the skill of SODAS.

Watch the lesson video together. Review it a few times if needed so your child understands the concepts of how to do a SODAS worksheet.

Using that situation you have already thought about, have your child work through a SODAS with you. Play close attention to how much feedback and input you are providing and how much your child is providing. You want your child to provide more information than you. If you need to back away and let them do it alone, do it. You can return and review.

Avoid trying to define options for your child. Let them figure out the options. They may choose three poor options (or things you would not choose). That is fine. Let me them work through the worksheet anyway. Once finished, do it again and have them find three different options than before so they can see the contrast. Don’t interfere and let them discover the solution themselves.

Set a goal to use the skill of Decision Making using the SODAS method with your child at least twice within a 24 hour period.

Set a watch or time to remind you during the day.

When your child is doing a SODAS by themselves use a simple topic. You want to be sure they understand how to do it before working on more difficult topics.

Using the SODAS method of Decision Making is a tool everyone in the family can use. You can use it as a family to make family decisions, you can is a great tool for helping children deal with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Being specific in telling them what they need to do will help them confront difficult establishes the rules for respectful and meaningful communication. Like the video said, all the other skills connect to Effective Communication so be sure to spend enough time on this skill that you are comfortable with it.

Complete the quiz when you are ready to move on to the next lesson.