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9.2 Action Plan

Now that you have watched the video, teach your child the skill of Correcting Behaviors.

Watch the lesson video together. Using the printed steps to Correcting Behaviors, choose a specific time when you needed to correct your child’s behavior. Following each of the steps, work throug. Then discuss what you learned during the process.

Set a goal to practice the skill of Effective Communication with your child within a 24 hour period.

Set a watch or time to remind you during the day.

Start off by choosing topics and as you become more familiar with the skill, you can talk about random topics. Feel free to use a game or activity to help you.

Effective Communication is a skill you and your child will use for the rest of your lives. It establishes the rules for respectful and meaningful communication. Like the video said, all the other skills connect to Effective Communication so be sure to spend enough time on this skill that you are comfortable with it.

Complete the quiz when you are ready to move on to the next lesson.