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2.2 Action Plan

Teach The ABC’s of Behavior to your child and watch the lesson video together. Have your child answer the following questions.

  1. Define Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequences.
  2. Have them think of a behavior that gets them in trouble. Write it down.
  3. Determine the Antecedent to that behavior and write it down. (What is happening before the behavior? who are you with? what are you doing? Evaluate what is happening an hour before the behavior and what is happening 5 minutes before the behavior.)
  4. Describe the Behavior in detail.
  5. Describe the Consequence to that behavior. (What happened because of the behavior? Who was involved? How did you feel about the consequence?)
  6. What is, in your opinion, easier to change: the antecedent or the consequence? Why?
  7. Choose a specific antecedent or consequence that will change the behavior.